Our Founders

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In Mexico, it always begins with family…

In 1989, Don Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon, and Alan Aguirre started Grupo Alta with a small table grape vineyard and a business philosophy based on the values taught to them on their families’ farms.

Today, Grupo Alta is one of the most important agricultural companies in Mexico, thanks to our respect for the land, and the people who grow, ship and sell our fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2006, Alan Aguirre, Carlos Bon, and Pedro Batiz joined together with a common vision to build a grower owned distribution company based on those same values. That vision became Divine Flavor.

Because of Divine Flavor’s more direct business approach, retail customers benefit from reduced double handling costs, increased profits, and enhanced food safety protections. Consumers enjoy lower costs, but most importantly, the safety, freshness and flavor of our fruits and vegetables – every bite, every time.