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March 15th, 2019 – Nogales, Arizona.

“As Director of Viva Organica, I have a commitment to both the employee and the client. That commitment means guaranteeing our product will always be the best of quality, and for that, I have to assure that all the employees understand and follow it by conviction. Creating an environment and infrastructure invites and motivates them to do the right work. There is no negotiating or convincing. It is natural because all employees realize what they receive is real and a quality of life”.

– David Bon (Owner & Director).

“We’re always pushing social accountability to the next level, not only providing our workers with a place to live and great working conditions, but to have a more personal relationship between the farmer and the employee. Everyone is a part of this company and this makes the farmers proud of the work they are doing”.

– David Bon (Owner & Director).

“It’s important to have Social Responsibility within the company because it gives a better work environment. The workers get better rest at night and they have better attitudes the next day. The meals provided offer a better diet and a healthier way of living. The responsibility of caring for their quality of life helps ensure a better permanence and attitude towards the company”.

– Roberto Blanco (Operations Manager).

“At Viva Organica, we generate a closer relationship with all of our employees and understand their needs. This helps recognize their efficiency and personal achievements”.

Viva Organica.

“The work culture is important in several way. The employees spend much time with the plants. If they are happy and do good work, the plant grows better. If the plant is cared for, the plants have less chances of becoming sick. In ways, the workers are the parents to the plant; feeding them, curing, supporting them… This maximizes every part of the harvesting process”.

Viva Organica.

“Social Responsibility is the win-win relationship between the company and the employees which focuses on the aspect of offering a good working environment and a dignified life within Viva Organica. Here, their work is reflected with greater efficiency, and the better they feel here, the better they work with us”.

– Roberto Blanco (Operations Manager).

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