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March 15th, 2019 – Nogales, Arizona.

“The truth is that, the core of the company is in the people who work here, and I think it is a vison/direction of the company to give the decision to the power of the people, so that it is permeated to the deepest levels of the company. The employees are the people who make many of the decisions; and many of the most important decisions. So, if you ask me how much impact it has on the final product, I would tell you everything…This is where we are heading”.

– Iván Angulo (Director of Chaparral – Tombell).

“For me, Social Responsibility is to go beyond what the law indicates. It is the fulfillment that the company has with the worker to improve the quality of life while they are with us at our company. The better you care for your worker, they feel more sense of belonging to the company, and they feel more commitment towards it”.

– Fidel Vargas (Certifications & Operations Manager).

“To be social accountable is like a new culture of values ​​that promotes responsible competitiveness, the positive work culture amongst workers and the company. That, for us, is social responsibility”.

Chaparral – Tombell.

“We have worked with this responsibility since the company was born, since the people who collaborate in agriculture are a fundamental part of the company, they are the heart of agriculture…It is very important to have a fair treatment program for the employees so that they can work in a better way”.

– Iván Angulo (Director of Chaparral – Tombell).

“Our company provides a sense of belonging, which gives us security in terms of always maintaining the momentum.  These values are our values, too”.

– Chaparral – Tombell.

“Social responsibility can be translated into the success of a company. Workers are a part of the same engine, therefore, if you don’t have social responsibility and don’t treat your employees with respect, you will not have a good product to offer your customers. The employees are the driving force of the company. If you ask me, Social Responsibility impacts everything”.

– Iván Angulo (Director of Chaparral – Tombell).

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