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“By growing organic you produce in a more natural way. We’re always trying to conserve the environment and the soil in a harmonious process, returning what we take from it without altering it and in an assailable way. The benefit of growing organic gives you peace of mind because you are sure the product is not exposed to pesticides, and that you are not contributing to the pollution of the land. We need to start improving the world in which we live in, changing our habits of both production and consumption. As organic producers, we are one of the best solutions as we not only improve our environment with our product we grow, but we also help to improve that of others. Unless approved by organic agencies recognized by USDA/NOP standards, organic products will not contain pesticides, which for us is the most important promise we give our customers”.
— Daniela Robles, Organic Certification Coordinator at Grupo Alta.

“We need to preserve our planet. Organic production is a breath of fresh air for our Earth. We only have one and we must do what is necessary to help it. This includes changes to our practices and going back to the basics. In organic production, we must use environmentally friendly protocols to help with the prevention of erosion, to reduce synthetic molecules, and decrease crop rotation. The increase of beneficial insects and the use of natural fertilizers are contributing factors for successful organic production. Our goal is to offer the costumer an environmentally friendly product, create an exclusive niche in the market and be an example to our industry. Growing Organic must be the way”.
– Raúl Diaz, Continuous Improvement Manager at Grupo Alta.

When buying an organic product we guarantee that it does not have pesticides or agrochemicals of any kind. We are certified with the company CCOF which conducts announced and unannounced audits. Any product, organic or conventional must be analyzed on a continuous basis. An analysis of multi residual agrochemicals, is great validity for confirming our product is organic”.
– Eduardo Corvera, Farm Manager – Don Enrique (Grupo Alta).

There are many benefits to growing organic, but mainly, it’s a more friendly method with the land and our environment. We are aware that the organic product volumes will decrease but we guarantee that they are totally free of chemicals which is healthier for the human being and for the consumers.” -Arturo Hinojos, Farm Manager – Pozo Manuel (Grupo Alta)


An employee of Grupo Alta overseeing the composting process.


Pollinators play a very important role in organic production. Sunflower stations are carefully managed and placed throughout the farm.


Checking the natural fertilizer has adequate temperatures.

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