January 13, 2020; Nogales, Arizona.

With the beginning of the year many initiatives come in Divine Flavor, is necessary to implement programs for continuous improvement throughout the company.

That’s why the Better Grower Program was created, where everyone wins!


¿What's The Better Grower Program?

It is the institutional program created for the continuous improvement of all our growers and collaborators based on the philosophy of the six pillars. It is the responsibility of Divine Flavor and each grower to incorporate the best practices and processes to achieve a real change in the industry and together generate a consistent differentiator to compete on the market.

All our efforts as a company will be promoting the Better Grower Program and for this we are unifying the areas that compose it as: the Brand and packaging manual, ORG Communication, ORG Intranet and the Grower Summit in the same direction.


Todos nuestros esfuerzos como compañía serán dirigidos a impulsar el Better Grower Program y para esto estamos unificando las áreas que lo componen como Branding y Packaging, ORG Comunicación y ORG INTRANET  hacia la misma dirección.

Branding and packaging.

Standardization of the brand image and added value in the market.

ORG Communication.

Newsletters, internal and external communication to show the company’s achievements and media publications in the United States.

ORG Intranet.

Development of the portal that connects Divine Flavor with the growers to optimize the flow and order of information

Grower Summit.

Every year, Divine Flavor organizes a convention in strategic regions where our associates and collaborators participate in training and integration activities. The objective is to provide producers with the most update information related to the agri-food industry.

The 6 pillars: the philosophy of the brand.

The 6 Pillars- The fundamental philosophy and Brand’s core foundation. The 6 pillars are aimed to cover the most important areas related to our industry in produce; Quality, Food Safety, Social Responsibility, Traceability, Organics, and Sustainability. 

  • Packing Manuals
  • Quality reports
  • CCOF
  • Fair Trade
  • Primus GFS
  • Analysis
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • PTIs-GS1
  • HarvestMark

Participate in each of the areas of this program, Divine Flavor will accompany you on the way to becoming a model producer that will make a big difference, in a program where everyone wins!

For more information, please contact:
Michael DuPuis
Public Relations Coordinator
+1 (520)-281-8328