What makes these small, bite-sized peppers so fun to cook with? For starters, their bright and vibrant red, yellow, and orange tones bring so much color to the kitchen, but most fans of these little peppers love the endless amount of recipes they are able to use them with. Not to mention their nutritional value. Divine Flavor Sweet Mini Peppers are the perfect combo of health, style, and flavor!


With Sweet Mini Peppers, there are so many ways to prepare them! Looking for a healthy way to eat chips and guacamole? Try substituting the chips for sliced up mini peppers. 

Are you craving a high-protein, low carb snack? Check out this recipe from @ksushas, who whipped up these Provençal stuffed mini peppers. (Click on the photo for recipe). 

Or are you looking for a simple and easy way to cook them up? Check out the video below to see how our Sales associate, Elizabeth Smart cooks them with her steak dinner. 

The Nutrition:

Sweet Mini Peppers are not only delicious, but they are filled with so much nutritional value. These little bite-sized bell peppers are packed with over 240% Vitamin C per serving (about 4oz). They are also very rich in Vitamin A. Sweet Mini Peppers make for a great, low-calorie snack that should be in everyone’s kitchen! 

Growing Region:

Divine Flavor Sweet Mini Peppers are a year-round commodity with the help of our greenhouse locations all throughout Mexico. Currently, our mini peppers are being produced in Baja California, just 60 miles south of Ensenada.