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It’s November and that means the start of the central Mexico region is kicking off their season in the coming days! In Sinaloa, Mexico, the first shipments of cucumbers are expected to be arriving in the first and second weeks of the month and this generally marks as the starting point for Divine Flavor’s late fall/winter greenhouse vegetable program.

Crisp and refreshing, Divine Flavor long English and Persian cucumbers are produced to perfection in our state-of-the-art greenhouses. Organic and Non-GMO, our cucumbers are a delight for snacking, mixing into salads, or for juicing into refreshing drinks.

The long English Cucumber

Our long English cucumbers, also known as European cucumbers, are a staple to our vegetable line. Starting in November, these long and narrow veggies are produced in a way to achieve that true cucumber flavor throughout. These types of cucumbers are less bitter with a mild flavor which allows consumers to even eat the skins because of its thinness. Remarkably tasty and easy to use, this style of cucumber is a fresh an enjoyable one!

Persian Cucumber

The perfect cucumber snack. Seriously! These tasty, bite-sized veggies are great for healthy and delicious snacking. Whether it’s 1, 2, or 3 pieces, these little ones are super low in calories and are great treats if you love the flavor of cucumbers. Because of their unique size, Persian cucumbers pack a wonder flavor and are able to stay fresh for longer periods of time. Produced organically in our wonderful greenhouses in central Mexico, Persian cucumbers are one of our favorite ways to stay satisfied with the snacking sensation.

December 2020

Yellow Squash & Zucchini

In this month’s Grower Spotlight, we look to the northern region of Mexico- Sonora! Divine Flavor grower, Agrofesa, is currently in season with their squash and zucchini program. Agrofesa is known for a wide variety of produce commodities, including other vegetable items such as organic and conventional bell peppers, cucumbers, and their famous, high-flavored table grapes. Specializing the highest standards of food safety, social responsibility, and innovative agriculture solutions, Agrofesa is a leader when it comes to growing produce.

Why are squash and zucchini an important product to grow?

There are several reasons to grow squash & zucchini. One of them is because of its incredible flavor, and another is because of the great benefits it brings to the health of our consumers.

What enables your farm to successfully grow this product?

In addition to the climate and natural resources we need to make our products, our people are a fundamental pillar to make it possible to cultivate successfully.

As an agricultural company, what is your commitment to the end consumer in terms of health, quality and taste?

Our commitment is to provide high-quality, healthy, nutritious and high-tasting products that provide great health benefits.

Our mission

Produce the highest quality of healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables through the efficient and responsible use of our natural and technological resources in a socially responsible community.

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