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Eat well. Eat healthy. Eat more table grapes!

Red, green, or black- all grapes all are packed with delicious and nutritious health benefits. It’s incredible seeing the amount of research and studies on the health benefits of eating table grapes over the past several years. These days, more information is available for consumers and the results show that grapes of all colors are extremely versatile and offer a wide range of health benefits as grapes contain health compounds such as vitamin K, and antioxidants, polyphenols and resveratrol which are linked to significantly protecting the heart and brain. In fact, resveratrol is considered a very powerful antioxidant which not only promotes healthy heart and brain function, but it also protects against the development of cancer cells. For consumers wanting to eat well and eat healthy, grapes are the perfect solution to doing both.


Table grapes have incredible benefits for protecting the heart. Intake of Black grapes protect against metabolic syndrome- related organ damage which cause increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and excess body fat related to heart disease.


Grapes also exhibit anti-mutagenic and antioxidant properties that are very effective in combating all kinds of cancer. Grapes produce compound resveratrol which is a rich source of anti-oxidant and certain elements are capable of destroying cancerous cells.


Brain health is another benefit of consuming grapes (especially darker varieties). These grapes work as a protecting agent and improves memory and concentration, which all contribute to a healthy brain.


One cup (151 grams) have Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and among many more. These are essential nutrientsand power antioxidants.


Antioxidants are powerful compounds which help fight against chronic diseases. In fact, over 1,600 beneficial plant compounds have been identified in grapes.


Grapes contain many minerals necessary for bone health, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin K.


Grapes are low-calorie, fat-free food with a low glycemic index. Grapes are the perfect snack for weight loss management because their high-volume, nutrient-dense attribute.


There are specific phytonutrients found in colorful fruits and grapes being one of them, they help act as a shield for skin cells to protect against the effects of ultraviolet light radiation.


Because grape are primarily composed of water (almost 85%), they help with the body staying hydrated. Proper hydration is directly linked to skin appearance, cell regeneration, and your overall health.

Divine Flavor’s table grapes are a healthy and excellent summer treat. Our growers leave our handpicked seedless grapes on the vine longer, ensuring consumers experience the highest quality possible. Our wonderful varieties are long time consumer favorites for their bright color, fruity aroma, and consistent rich flavor. Our varieties are great for snacking or healthy desserts, or to enhance the flavor of traditional fruit salad recipes.

Our growers’ commitment to sustainable farming means they never rush the growing process, and only handpick our grapes at the peak of their flavor. Our non-GMO varieties are popular because of its long shelf life and crisp, sweet taste. These are great snacking grapes, known for their wonderful floral aroma and juicy sweet taste. These little magical bite-size berries are the perfect snack for children, for picnics, or for those warm summer days by the pool.

Eating healthy sweets have never tasted so delicious. Divine Flavor grapes are packed with tons of nutrition. This includes lots of Vitamin C & K, which are great ways of keeping a strong immune system and act as antioxidants. Plus, grapes are low in calories which make them excellent for refreshing sugary treats during the summer!

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