It’s Tomato Time! Divine Flavor Greenhouse Roma tomatoes are some of the tastiest, fresh-eating tomatoes in the market and our season is currently underway. If you’re like us and love tomatoes, greenhouse Romas are the way to go. At Divine Flavor, our greenhouse tomatoes are almost grown on a year-round basis thanks to innovative greenhouse technology and hydroponic systems the crop is planted in. Let’s take a closer look at how and where they are grown.

Like most farm regions, there are certain times of the year which are best for growing fruits and veggies. The use of greenhouses certainly helps farmers grow their harvest at key times for more precise windows during the year which helps forecast for more accurate crop projections.


“Our greenhouse tomatoes are almost grown on a year-round basis thanks to innovative greenhouse technology.”

Having the ability to grow greenhouse produce has many benefits such as shielding rain and insects, but one of its most critical contributions relates to the optimal growing temperatures it can achieve. Climate control is a major component to growing produce, so by having the correct temperatures, this can dictate starting on time without delays and in most cases, it extends the harvest.

Currently at Divine Flavor, we are harvesting our conventional Roma Tomatoes out of Nayarit which is located in central Mexico. This harvesting region will go through February, but with other regions starting in November in Culiacan, Sinaloa and another region starting in March for Hermosillo, Sonora. 


Tomatoes are rich in potassium, niacin, folate and vitamin B6, all nutrients which are essential for good heart health. Tomatoes in general fight against cancer as they contain high levels of lycopene, but in addition to this, tomatoes are great for your skin and they also provide beneficial antioxidants.

The excellence in quality that defines the Divine Flavor brand is represented in our greenhouse grown bell peppers. With consistency in production, selection and the exceptional quality in the packing, we deliver a product with thick fleshy walls, a uniform and well-defined shape and bright color that makes it irresistible and luring to the consumer. Our customers enjoy the great taste of Divine Flavor’s Bell Peppers in everything, from salads to pasta. Being grown in the greatest of conditions, Divine Flavor bell peppers are the core of our product’s vegetable line.

The pepper season runs from September to June and our greenhouses are located in the Jalisco region, in western Mexico.


Veggies In-Season

Grape Tomatoes

Sweet, acidic, and with the perfect crunch- Divine Flavor greenhouse grape tomatoes are an absolute fan favorite as they’re such a fun ingredient to add to dishes or for snacking on. Being harvested in our greenhouses in Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico, the Divine Flavor grape tomatoes are currently in season.

Mini Peppers

The perfect pepper snack, our sweet mini yellow, red and orange peppers are packaged together for lunches and healthy afternoon snacks. Imagine the serving possibilities with your favorite salads. Or drizzied with olive oil, stuffed with goat cheese and baked for a mouthwatering appetizer. Plus these peppers have minimal seeds and are sweeter and milder than most varieties. In other words, they beg for you to pull out the ranch and start dipping.


Divine Flavor’s cucumbers are grown in optimal conditions inside strictly monitored greenhouses in different growing areas in Mexico allowing us to provide our customers a supply of such a remarkable product nine months of the year. The varieties being produced now are long English and Persian. Cucumbers are the perfect combination of crunch and juicy, making their unique flavor delicious every time.

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