An Employee-First, Sustainable Business

Social responsibility is central to Divine Flavor’s mission of honoring its people in the same manner it’s treating its land, with dignity and respect. We strive to make a positive impact among the communities in which we operate by increasing wellness for our people, the region and the environment.

Employees are the heart of Divine Flavor. Through the Alta Foundation, we give back to employees in many ways: we provide healthcare, dental and optical services; we serve healthy food at our company cafeterias; we encourage our employees to exercise by providing them with gym access; and we offer scholarship programs to those who wish to gain new skills.

Investing in Your Well-Being

As a food provider, we believe that we have a responsibility to supply the best product to our consumers and contribute to their long-term well-being and health. As such, our farming culture relies on first-class practices that consist of natural soil-enrichment, improved water retention and reduction of plant diseases, thus eliminating the use of pesticides. Our products represent quality and consistency among top retailers and specialty fresh product buyers, and more than 50% of our overall production is organic.

Commitment to Innovation

At Divine Flavor, we are constantly raising the bar not only in sustainability and well-being but also in the way we leverage innovation to offer unique products to our customers. Over the years, our team of food scientists and R&D experts has come up with iconic products that are now household staples: from new flavor varieties like our cotton candy-flavored grapes to our popular black, seedless finger-shaped berries, our fresh produce is revolutionizing the way people eat.


En Divine Flavor creemos firmemente en el cuidado de su gente y del medio ambiente. Promovemos el comercio justo con todos nuestros productores y clientes para asegurarnos, no sólo de mejorar las condiciones de trabajo en nuestras unidades de producción, sino también producir alimentos frescos, orgánicos y sustentables no transgénicos, procurando no sobre explotar el suelo. Nuestra misión está basada en tres pilares principales: responsabilidad social, bienestar e innovación.

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