Resguarda was created to prevent, control, and detect any action that goes against our code of ethics and / or compromises the integrity of our collaborators through 100% anonymous and confidential notification lines.

A healthy workplace depends on everyone.

What type of irregularities can I report?

Any type of action that goes against our code of ethics and jeopardizes the identity, physical or psychological, of any person who is part of the organization.

Some examples of irregularities are:

Economic-financial fraud

Negligence or improper use of the organization's assets

Misuse of company’s confidential information

Inappropriate use of the company name, logo, and brands

Conflict of interests

Harassment or workplace abuse

What IS it Resguarda for?

Improve the work environment and identify situations that go against our code of ethics and / or threaten the well-being of our employees or the company in general.

Report any situation that is putting your integrity or that of the company at risk without fear of retaliation.

If you are a witness or are experiencing any type of verbal, physical or psychological harassment, notify it immediately.

If you witness any case of corruption within the company, notify it immediately.

What is it NOT Resguarda for?

Retaliation for revenge or a subjective and personal idea towards other employees of the company.

Damage the reputation of any member of the organization.

Raise false testimonies or accusations in order to harm.

We are here to listen to you and take action!