Tribelli Mini Peppers

The Tribelli mini peppers are delicious, natural and healthy. Available all year-long, they are sustainably-grown in greenhouses using a selection of varieties that guarantee the best product quality, bite after bite.


Tribelli’s professional growers care about each crop and harvest peppers when they reach the peak of their ripeness for an express packaging process.


The mini peppers are available in various packaging sizes, trays and boxes. In the U.S., they are distributed by Divine Flavor.

Mouth-Watering Tribelli Recipes

Whether devoured as an afternoon snack or cooked to perfection to accompany a hearty winter dish, Tribelli mini peppers never fail to add an instant dash of color and large dose of Vitamin C to each meal. Here are some recipes to inspire you and get you going.


  • 1 Dry Pint
  • 8oz Bag
  • 1lb Bag
  • 1.5lb Bag
  • 2lb Bag

Other Recipes

Fruit pastilles of Tribelli

Tribelli peppers stuffed with red prawn

Mackerel cooked over low heat with Tribelli pickles

Sardine in apple vinegar with Tribelli jam

Tribelli peppers roasted and crystallised

Salad of roasted Tribelli peppers

Yolk cooked over low heat wit fried Tribelli pepper