Divine Flavor starts Sinaloa Season, Greenhouses Playing Major Role for Timing, Quality of Products

November 21st, Nogales, Arizona-

As the end of November generally marks the start of Mexican vegetable programs, production in Culiacan, Sinaloa is already underway at Divine Flavor greenhouses throughout the region. The company, who specializes in greenhouse/hot house innovation, is seeing great quality and timing with the first harvests of the Sinaloa vegetable season.

Green bell pepper to be harvested.

“The benefits of having greenhouses are that you can better control the weather which really allows us to grow excellent quality of our products and start on time without delays”, said Roberto Blanco, Manager of one of the Divine Flavor ranches, Viva Organica. “We better control the humidity, and the early rains really haven’t affected our production due to the protection of the greenhouses”, said Blanco. He continued to mention the weather has started well in general and harvest timings are on schedule.

Red bell pepper lines.

“The greenhouses are extremely beneficial, but you must have careful supervision of the product. We’ve built a great structure for our company and the engineers closely monitor all the details during the harvest”, Blanco concluded with.

Fidel showing the most important factors to produce bell pepper in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Greenhouse bell pepper lines ready to be harvested.

Speaking with other Divine Flavor growers, Fidel Vargas of Agricola Chaparral and Horacio Campana of Campana Agricultores, they also provided insight to how they achieve great quality at the ranches in Sinaloa. “There are many great attributes for large scale production of bell peppers and tomatoes, but the weather and type of soils here offer the best conditions for growing these products”, Vargas said.

Horacio Campaña explaining the importance of using irrigation systems in the Culiacán area.

Drip irrigation systems.

“The role of technology has become increasingly important. This allows us to better measure nutritional content, plant better hot houses or prevent water deficiency”, said Campana. “This and science has greatly enhanced our ability to produce better quality and longer lasting product”.

Viva Orgánica’s Packer finishing assembling a pallet.

In Sinaloa, Divine Flavor primarily produces bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes of several varieties.

Divine Flavor bell peppers and cucumbers are already being shipped to the US, and tomatoes are only a few weeks away, expected to be hitting shelves the middle of December.

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