December 24th, 2019 Sinaloa, Culiacan- 

During the month of December, Divine Flavor and its ranches are in full-swing production with their vegetable season, but the company and its partners in Mexico make sure to set aside time to celebrate the holidays with its workers. As part of a bigger mission of being socially responsible, annual Christmas posadas (a religious festival celebrated in Mexico) are held by the company so workers can partake in the event with friends, family, and other co-workers. 


Campana Agricultores, a producer of Organic Bell Peppers and Cucumbers for Divine Flavor.

Francisco, Livier and Horacio showing all the present that Campaña brought for the kids.

Being no stranger to the area of Social Responsibility, Divine Flavor grower, Campana Agricultores host many events for its workers throughout the year to help build stronger social programs within the company. Events such as “Day of the Children” and “Day of the Mother” were some mentioned, but for the Campana brothers, Francisco and Horacio, and their director of social responsibility, Livier Ugalde, the Christmas posada is one of the most important. 

Children playing games at the Christmas posada.

“Most of the workers in Mexico are either Christian or Catholic so it’s really important to have events such as this one,” said Horacio Campana. “Most the employees are seasonal and come from different regions of Mexico to work, so to have events such as the Christmas Posada, it makes everyone feel at home and let them know how much we care.”

Children speaking with Santa.

Continuing on a 4 year tradition, the company also coordinates a Christmas festival for all the children. On this day, children of the farm workers are able to play games in a Christmas-type carnival. At this event the children are given a present which is fully funded by the company and its associates.

A letter sent to Santa from one of the children.

“Earlier in the month while at school, the children write a letter to Santa and get to choose one present and our company arranges for them to get it. For some children, this is the only time they get to receive a present,” says Campana.

One of the children receiving a gift from Santa.

“As part of our mission of being socially responsible, we have to place the workers and their families at the center of what we do. Holidays and family are very important this time of year and the workers are very happy when they see their family happy. We always try to reciprocate our appreciation they have for our company.”

Campaña team at the office.

One of the main selling points for farm workers to join Campana Agricultores, is that they are able to bring their families to stay with them throughout the season. All workers and their families are given free housing, schooling to improve education, as well as major health benefits such as on-site medical, vision care and prescription glasses for workers in need. 

Owner and Manager, Francisco Campana, believes stronger social programs and hosting events highly contribute to the success of his company. “We are all a family as a company,” says Campana. “Our events help promote a happier and healthy life amongst the workers and this helps the success of our work. We are very thankful of all the staff which is why we strive to give them the best possible life.”

Hortifresh, a Divine Flavor producer of Organic Bell Peppers and Mini Peppers

Adolfo, Ernesto and Cid, Hortifresh Managers.

Over the past decade, Divine Flavor grower, Hortifresh has made social accountability a focal point of the company’s mission. Giving as much back to the employee helps promote productivity and success within the workplace. Each holiday season, farm workers and administrative staff join together to celebrate the Christmas posada as a company family. 

Children at the Hortifresh Christmas party.

Ernesto Urtusuastegui, owner and CEO of Hortifresh, explains why he believes having events promotes better working culture within his company. “Our Christmas party and posada are a time of giving back to the workers who allow us to be successful,” says Urtusustegui. “We play music, eat lots of food, and give out presents. This is our way of saying thank you to all the workers and this establishes better relationships with them as we celebrate all together as a team”. 

Recreational activities for children at the Posada.

“The impact this has on our company is huge and which is why many seasonal workers come back each year,” says Urtusuastegui. “Our mission at Hortifresh, being a socially responsible company, is to let the workers know you care about them. We are a team and we all strive for the same goal.”


Mayra Quiroa, Social Responsability manager at Hortifresh.

Aside from the Christmas posada, Hortifresh has been promoting social responsibility for many years as they have transitioned into one the biggest Bell Pepper producers in all of Mexico. The company’s manager of social responsibility and food safety, Mayra Felix Quiroa, has been overseeing this area and discusses some of the program’s benefits. 


Workers enjoying their time at the Christmas Posada.

“By offering the workers free housing and schooling for the children while the parents go to work is a very attractive aspect of Hortiffresh,” Felix Quiroa says. “Besides the Christmas posada, we have many other events such as ‘Day of the Mothers’ and ‘Day of the Children’… but we also try to incorporate some of their own traditions from the regions in Mexico they come from. We also offer fun recreational activities such as movies and sports”.

Presents for the workers.

Mayra Felix Quiroa concluded with the following, “We’re trying to share that everyone in this company is family. We all have roles and responsibilities which contribute to the success of our goals. We need to keep up the great work and give our employees the opportunity to live the best way possible.”

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