Product Spotlight- Sweet, Juicy Tomatoes!

At Divine Flavor, nothing quite compares to our luscious, juicy tomatoes. They are just filled with deliciously sweet and acidic flavors which consumers can add to all sorts of recipes. As we get further into January and the end winter months, our greenhouse tomatoes will be in peak season for our customers. Currently, our western Mexico tomato season is underway coming from the Sinaloa region, which is harvesting Beefsteak and grape tomatoes. Let’s take a look at each one!


The Divine Flavor Beefsteak tomatoes are a kitchen classic. Round, with a mild flavor, these tomatoes are perfect for making sauces and dips without it being too overpowering. Their big, round shape makes it easy for prepping whether you’re making a caprese salad or tossing slices into a BLT sandwich. Yum! And to boot, one beefsteak tomato is around 33 calories and contains up to 28 % of your Daily Value of vitamin C!


The Magnifico grape tomato was carefully bred over the years with the intention of being very sweet, but still having the traits of a classic tomato. With the goal of growing a product with unique flavor that could be produced organically year-round, the Magnifico grape tomato has done just that, being a highly sustainable, Non-GMO Divine Flavor product. These little ones are mighty in flavor and excellent for snacking!


Take a look at this fabulous recipe created by our friends at Seasonal Cravings using our grape tomatoes!

Based in Sinaloa, Mexico, Agricola Chaparral produces Divine Flavor’s conventional tomatoes and bell peppers. Agricola Chaparral has been a loyal partner of Divine Flavor for many seasons due to their values towards responsible agriculture and high quality products. The company specializes in state of the art technology which allows them to produce in a sustainable and first-class manner.

Live Organic! As what the name means, Viva Organica is one of Divine Flavor’s organic specialty farms and one of the home locations to the Magnifico grape tomatoes (also produced in Viva Organica’s Baja location in Ensenada). With their state-of-the-art greenhouses and cutting edge technology integrated throughout the farm, producing delicious, organic fruits and vegetables has never been easier. The company’s agricultural practices focus on the well-being if its employees and sustainability of their processes. Their vision of treating the land and people with respect is a major contributor of the high-quality, deliciously grown organic products.

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