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The unmatchable excellence in quality that defines the Divine Flavor brand is ultimately represented in our greenhouse grown bell peppers. With consistency in production, selection, and the packing of exceptional quality, we deliver a product with thick fleshy walls, a uniform and well- defined shape, and bright color that makes it irresistible and luring to the consumer. Our customers enjoy the great taste of Divine Flavor’s Bell Peppers in everything from salads to pasta.

Product: Bell Pepper.
Varieties: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Mixed.
Growing Method: Greenhouses/Conventional & Organic.
Season: From November to May.
Growing Region: Sinaloa, Sonora and Jalisco.

Health Benefits:

High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
It’s a natural antioxidant.
Increases the body’s immune cells.
Helps as an analgesic to reduce body pain.
Heart disease prevention.

The perfect pepper snack, our sweet mini yellow, red and orange peppers are packaged together for lunches and healthy afternoon snacks. Imagine the serving possibilities with your favorite salads. Or drizzle with olive oil, stuff with goat cheese and bake for a mouthwatering appetizer. Plus these peppers have minimal seeds and are sweeter and milder than most varieties. In other words, they beg for you to pull out the ranch and start dipping.

Product: Mini Peppers.
Varieties: Red, Yellow and Orange.
Growing Method: Greenhouses/Conventional & Organic.
Season: All year round.
Growing Region: Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California and Jalisco.

Health Benefits:

They have antioxidant properties.
High content of Vitamin C.
The mini peppers are a high-fiber food, in addition is low in calories.