Divine Flavor proudly presents- The Product Heroes!

This October at the Global Product & Floral Show, Divine Flavor will introduce its latest campaign: The Product Heroes. Starting with Bell Peppers and Mini Peppers, the strategic marketing plan is aimed at the produce industry to both educate consumers and retailers on the health benefits of peppers. Packed with close to 200% of your DV of vitamin C, delicious and crisp flavor, the Product Heroes are here just in time to save the day!


October 20th, 2022

Nogales, AZ- This October in Orlando at the Global Produce and Floral Show, grower/distributor, Divine Flavor will be in full force with its sales and marketing team as the company gears up to launch their latest campaign: The Product Heroes. Starting with the firm’s bell peppers and mini peppers, Divine Flavor will be introducing its first product heroes as a strategic approach to informing retailers and consumers of the health benefits of their commodities.

Speaking with public relations manager of Divine Flavor, Michael DuPuis, he states the company’s primary goal is to educate and make more people aware of how healthy peppers are and the high amounts of vitamin C they contain.

“Not many people realize this, but one serving of a bell pepper contains almost more than double the amount of vitamin C than oranges do,” said DuPuis.

“Green bell peppers, which contain the least amount of vitamin C still have close to 200% of you daily value, and yellow, red, and orange containing the most amount of vitamin C, which are well above that mark.”

Divine Flavor, who is one of the largest growers of Mexican table grapes, but also specializes in other staple veg commodities such as organic and conventional greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, has been gaining momentum as a leader of Mexican bell peppers in recent seasons. The company, who just announced their year-round bell pepper program several months ago will be producing peppers out of central Mexico through December until the west Mexico crop begins in Sinaloa.

Though the main focus of the campaign is intended for consumers, which the company plans to rely heavily on social media and QR codes on the packaging for consumers to be better informed, Divine Flavor also wants to give a nod to their retailer and client allies.

“This campaign was not only intended for the B2C community, but also our retail partners,” said DuPuis.

“We want our retailers to know they are also the heroes behind this marketing push because they are ones who also market, promote, and sell at their stores to their customers. As a produce supplier, it is important for Divine Flavor to be a reliable source of healthy products for our retailers so they can continue delivering the fruits and veggies their customers come to expect. They are also the heroes behind this movement.”

Divine Flavor will start off this campaign with their pepper line up, but they plan to introduce more of their items as other product heroes in the coming months, shining the spotlight on the health facts of grapes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

“Our Product Heroes were created to link the health facts of our produce to certain vegetable heroes, starting with bell peppers and mini peppers. We believe this is a fun and unique way for retailers to better market the products they sell, and for consumers to have a better understanding of the health facts associated to bell peppers, all tied together through a product hero.”

The campaign comes at a good time for Divine Flavor as the show in Orlando will be the first in 3 years, since PMA was held in Anaheim in 2019. As pandemic concerns have dwindled in recent months, the Global Produce and Floral Show should be a great opportunity for the produce world to be back at big events and for Divine Flavor to showcase their new Product Heroes campaign.

For more information, please contact:
Michael DuPuis
Public Relations Coordinator
+1 (520)-281-8328