At Divine Flavor, our farmers take pride when it comes to producing healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Since our company’s existence, growing organically has been a fundamental practice we have focused on to protecting our fields we farm on and the workers who harvest there. Our mission has always been to provide the best produce to our consumers the way nature has intended it to be- fresh, healthy, and sustainable. We believe the best way to grow the most delicious fruits and vegetables starts with method in which you grow it- ORGANIC!

The truth is consumers have been wanting to purchase more organic products over the years. Fresh fruits and vegetables have been the top selling organically grown food since the organic food industry started retailing products over 3 decades ago. The theme has become more mainstream, but for good reasons. Consumers want cleaner products, sustainability, and more transparency when it comes to the food they eat. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought a bigger growth and demand for the category.

But what exactly is organic farming?

The vineyards sit low within the valley next to the Sierra Manatlan, a

Organic refers to a process and a standard that must be achieved through certification. It’s the way farmers grow and process agricultural products which generally needs to meet the goals of: enhancing soil and water quality, reducing pollution, and promoting a self-sustaining cycle of resources on a farm.

For Divine Flavor, all of our organic producers are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a non-profit who advocates, certifies, and educates farmers to promote organic agriculture for a healthier world.

which is a mountain range next to the southern borders of Jalisco. But what makes Divine Flavor/Grupo Alta’s Jalisco location so great for growing grapes? It all comes down to weather and climate, but also having the experience (nearly 30 years) in order to grow some of the best tasting table grapes around the world. Let’s take a look at a few in season!

In addition to the organic accreditation and certification, our farms strive to go above and beyond the requirements of organic regulation. To fully be an organic grower, the farm has to live and breathe organic procedures; promote bio-diversity in all areas of the farm, protect pollinators, produce vermicomposting, and never use synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering to improve disease or pest resistance to increase crop yields.

When it comes to producing organic fruits and vegetables, most consumers don’t know the amount of effort which goes into the process. It can be very expensive, and the harvest can be quite challenging- more field inspections to monitor the health of the plant, more natural repellants such as cinnamon and garlic, etc. At each of our farms at Divine Flavor, we have organic engineers who specialize in organic production. Let’s meet the team of experts who oversee our organic fruits and vegetables at the Divine Flavor Farms.

“Organic practices help you to understand nature and it teaches us to improve the environment we live in. By deciding to adopt organics as a growing method, farmers are choosing to grow harmoniously with the environment and its biodiversity”.

“Because the consumers’ health is in our hands, we must be focused on growing healthy and quality products without any chemicals and produced in the most natural way, returning more to the environment than what we take away from it. Our mission at Grupo Alta is to produce fruits and vegetables for Divine Flavor which are responsibly produced organic and sustainable”.

Daniela E. Robles- Organic Engineer- Grupo Alta (Grapes, Melons, Cucumbers, Tomatoes)

“In addition to producing healthy food, doing it organically provides us with a healthier food system- respecting our ecosystem, environment, and our earth. We grow organic to provide consumers a product which provides benefits to their health with the security it has been produced in a safe and responsible way.”

Livier Ugalde Armenta- Agricola Campaña (Bell Peppers, Sweet Mini Peppers, and Cucumbers)

“Producing Organic is a better development of a healthy and more sustainable agriculture. It preserves the conservation and foundations of life. At Viva Organica, organic agriculture is our form of respect to the environment which also allows us to produce the highest quality of products”.

“Our processes include methods to improve soil quality which reduces erosion. We create less soil and water pollution, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. We are continuously promoting biodiversity to help pollination and improve agricultural systems. This sustainability makes it possible to maintain the natural heritage of our planet”.

Rosa Celene Zamudio Vega- Viva Organica (Culiacán & Ensenada) (Tomatoes & Cucumbers)

“Organic agriculture must have practices friendly to the environment. Our goal at Viva Organica is to provide a clean and healthy environment which enhances natural fertility of soils, optimizes the natural control of pest and diseases in order to offer the healthiest product to our customers. Our methods protect natural resources such as water and soil, and this allows the best production”

Anaily Almejo- Viva Organica (Sayula)

“At Hortifresh Greenhouses, we want to offer our customers products that bring many health benefits. In our agricultural approach, we want to achieve a way to produce the vegetables our clients love while protecting the lands we farm on. Our philosophy is that you can’t have one without the other. Growing organic is the key to freshness, quality, and sustainability for this industry”.

Mayra Yolanda Felix Quiroa- Horifresh Greenhouses (Bell Peppers & Sweet Mini Peppers)

“At Agrofesa, we carry our organic procedures into the fields, packing house, and throughout our company. As organic producers, we restrict the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers that cause contamination to the soils, water, and crops. Today, our consumers are more concerned about their health which is why it’s Agrofesa’s social responsibility to provide an organic system which delivers the expectation they are looking for while improving the environment”

Maria Del Pilar Rivas- Agrofesa (Table Grapes, Squash, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers)

“Even for our conventional product, organic processes help improve the soil and promote better input for the plants which adds more value to the nutrition of the final product. It is our job as organic producers for Divine Flavor to handle the agricultural process and to take care of every step to guarantee the integrity of the product. Organic production is so important because it improves biological activity of the soil, and healthier uses of water and the air. This limits pollution and maximizes agricultural production”.

Gerardo Cejudo Ochoa & J. Enrique Cruz Morena- Gonzmonther (Squash & Sweet Mini Peppers)

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