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Divine Flavor’s cucumbers are grown in optimal conditions inside strictly monitored greenhouses in different growing areas in Mexico allowing us to provide our customers a supply of such a remarkable product nine months of the year.The varieties long English, Persian and slicer, are all fan favorites in the marketplace. Cucumbers are the perfect combination of crunch and juicy, making their unique flavor delicious every time.

Product: Cucumber.
Varieties: English, Slicer, Persian.
Growing Method: Greenhouse/Hothouse/Conventional/Organic.
Season: From October to May (Year-round in Baja).
Growing Region: Baja California, Sonora and Sinaloa.


Provides water and fiber for better digestion.
It’s a natural antioxidant.
Contains potassium that regulates blood pressure.
High in Vitamin C.
Protects skin cells against aging


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