Divine Flavor begins its first campaign focused on promoting a commodity by category in its trade shows and digitally.


BGP was made official, a project that seeks the continuous improvement of all growers associated to Divine Flavor through our main 6 pillars, looking for areas of improvement in the processes and to achieve a real change in the industry.


Divine Flavor brings together all of its growers in a space for learning, networking and coexistence with the aim of creating a solid group committed to the Brand.


At this point, Divine Flavor has been one of the main contributing leaders for Fair Trade fresh produce in Mexico, thanks to our retail partners and the american consumer.


Divine Flavor becomes a Fair Trade certified distributor.


Divine Flavor opens up a new HQ, a 96,000-square-foot distribution center in Nogales, Arizona and near the border of Nogales, Sonora.


After Grupo ALTA’s organic initiative in the late 90’s (producing its own compost among other practices) Divine Flavor starts with an organic brand selling golden peaches from Sonora, and many other commodities later on.


Alán Aguirre Sr. and Carlos Bon Jr. are joined by Pedro Batiz Sr. to form Divine Flavor, Grupo ALTA’s distributing company in Nogales, Arizona.


Grupo ALTA (still Viñedos ALTA at the time) creates the ALTA Foundation to improve the well-being of its agricultural workers, at least 2 years before Fairtrade International was founded in Germany.


Don Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon Sr. And Alán Aguirre Sr. started a farm with 10 hectares of table grapes called Viñedos ALTA, in Hermosillo, Sonora, México.