Food Safety

Meet Natasha, the daughter of one of our employees. Natasha isn’t just our #1 peach taster. She, and the other consumers who also enjoy our fresh fruits and vegetables, are constant reminders of why food safety is the most important priority for Divine Flavor and our growers.

Food safety is one of the most critical issues facing the produce industry today. Divine Flavor is committed to providing our members with the food safety tools you need to better safeguard your products, your consumers and your company.


Food Safety and Quality


globalgapGLOBALG.A.P. is a set of rules on good agricultural practices (GAP), internationally recognized and primarily designed to reassure consumers trust about the way the agricultural production is performed by minimizing the impact of the environmental exploitation, reducing the use of chemical inputs, ensuring the health and safety of workers and a respect for wildlife.


mexicogapThis certification was created with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness Mexican agricultural products in domestic and international markets. MéxicoGAP System is homologous to GlobalGAP and it is operated by Mexico Supreme Quality. It was designed and developed in coordination with SAGARPA technically through SENASICA, and with the support of ASERCA. The objective of developing the Mexico GAP scheme is to provide an application tool on Good Manufacturing Practices based in Mexican legislation, recognized in various international markets to facilitate the marketing of Mexican fruits and vegetables.

Reducing Contamination Risks Systems Award

srrcThe SRRC award granted by SENASICA (National Service for Health, Safety and Quality Agrifood) is given to companies or producers who comply with the provisions of the measures and procedures established by authorities, ensuring that during the process of primary production the vegetables are within the optimum health conditions so the products can enter new markets and maintain the established ones.


primusgfsPrimusGFS is a private system that establishes requirements for the certification of agricultural products on a voluntary basis worldwide. This system is focused on food safety of those agricultural products that are intended for human consumption either fresh or if they have been minimally processed. With this purpose is that PrimusGFS sets certain requirements for the production managing, handling, processing and storage operations, among other conditions that should be considered to ensure the safety of consumers. For this, the standard has defined three key areas that the Agricultural company should consider when producing or manufacturing their products:
I. Food Safety Management System
II. Ag Good Practice

Mexico Calidad Suprema (Mexico Supreme Quality)

calidadsupremaIt is an official seal that ensures health, safety and superior quality of Mexican products. The brand known as Mexico Supreme Quality seeks identification and differentiation of products that meet the following provisions: Mexican Official Standards (NOM’s), Mexican Standards (NMX) and International Standards in a reliably and transparently way for the benefit of growers, packers, distributors and consumers.

Food And Drug (FDA)

fdaIn 2000 due to outbreaks of Salmonella caused by Mexican melons entity Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has closed the doors of the U.S. market for Mexican melons. After several years and several discussions between governments of the United States and Mexico through its and entities FDA and SENASICA in 2002 they made an agreement by which the United States reopens the doors to Mexican melons from companies that meet adequate safety and health requirements. We are one of the 7 companies authorized by the Food and Drug Administration to export Cantaloupe Melons to the U.S.


And with industry leader HarvestMark® complete traceability solution, Divine Flavor and our growers can trace back all of our fresh products to the block number of the farm from where the fresh fruit or vegetable was selected.

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