Ensenada, Baja California- In an effort to maximize Quality & Packing conditions, Divine Flavor quality control supervisor, Diego Coronel meets with packing house manager of Viva Organica, Jorge Maya, and staff to discuss and review important elements of how to pack product for North American markets.

Throughout the season, Divine Flavor quality control teams are frequently visiting the ranches to make sure packing and harvesting teams are meeting the requirements expected of clients who the distributor/grower sells to. Viva Organica, a Divine Flavor grower who specializes in organic greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and mini peppers is constantly meeting with personnel to review new presentations being requested of them.

The most important factor is knowing the quality and packing specifications very well and communicating it with the entire staff,” said Diego Coronel of Divine Flavor. “Having the ability to understand the client’s needs and teach this with our staff is very crucial. We need to detect if there’s any problems or doubts right away before product is being sent to the customer,” Coronel added.

After spending the morning visiting the Viva Organica packing house in a workshop styled tour, the Packing House manager, Jorge Maya and Diego Coronel explained to the staff every step of the process when packing new presentations.

“When we start packing new presentations, we need to inform all the line-chiefs and quality teams to confirm everything is well understood. Reviewing this information is good practice for packing great presentations and the outcome helps keep good relationships with the customers,” said Maya.

By means of keeping track of quality throughout the season, Divine Flavor Quality Control teams have created tools for tracking the progress of the products being sold. “The daily and weekly quality reports contain very important details and this helps us monitor the overall status of the quality,” said Coronel. “Problems are easily addressed and fixed by having reports sent to all departments involved in the process.”

When asked what role the communication plays between the Distribution Company and ranches, Coronel concluded, “The supply chain is on time. Good communication leads to better outcomes and better outcomes lead to better quality and the best product we can sell.

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