Food Safety is an Absolute in the Produce Industry Primus GFS is our Standard

At Divine Flavor, to grow the healthiest and freshest fruits and vegetables, it starts with experience. It has been not only a requirement at our company, but a commitment that all the produce we grow achieves a level of production that meets the highest standards of food safety. As suppliers of fresh agricultural commodities, we are responsible for safeguarding the products we sell to consumers so they can rely on eating products knowing they’ve been grown the safest and healthiest way possible. Helping provide this layer of protection to our supply chain is Primus GFS, a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This is a benchmark recognized auditing scheme which oversees each area of the supply chain ranging from pre-production, handling, shipping, and storing.

Implementing the Primus GFS standard has been an important part of our business as it incorporates all the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), including elements from the Produce Safety Rule, Preventive Controls for Human Food, and the Sanitary Transportation Rule, as well as other regulatory requirements, such as the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations

Through the years, large U.S. retailers and food service companies have been pushing to form a standardization of an auditing certification program that meets the highest levels of consumer protection while being accepted universally worldwide. This is where the GFSI scheme was born- a standard which complies across the industry.

Because it incorporates many compliance requirements such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), it has gained the confidence of retailers and food service providers. It is a step closer to adopting the desired goal of adapting a global food safety harmonization for the produce industry.

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