January 31st, 2023

Nogales, AZ- As the month of January comes to a finish, produce supplies are expected to start increasing from west Mexico in the coming days. With warmer weather on the horizon, Nogales-based grower-shipper, Divine Flavor, is set to start ramping up all its major veg commodities from their grower alliance in the Culiacan, Sinaloa region.

Divine Flavor is a company well rooted in the state of Sinaloa which is an essential part of Mexico’s hot house vegetables. Though a variety of produce items are grown and harvested there, bell peppers/mini peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers are the core items Divine Flavor specializes in with its Sinaloa farms. At the heart of Divine Flavor’s veg program is Viva Organica, a sister company to the brand, but also veteran farmers, Hortifresh and Campaña Agricultores.

The company, who just returned from its latest visit with their Sinaloa partners, mentioned things are shaping up nicely for February production to increase and their growers are a big reason why.

“The climate in Sinaloa has been on the cooler side this past month but we should start seeing warmer days as we get deeper into February,” said Michael DuPuis, quality assurance and public relations manager for Divine Flavor.

“Weather will always be one of the biggest factors out of our control, but our farms know how to cope with this and experience plays a major role. We have outstanding growers in Sinaloa, and they understand our mission as farmers and as a produce brand is to grow the best tasting and freshest products for our customers.”

“When weather delays happen, we need to be disciplined to not sacrifice the integrity of our produce for a hot market or when demand is higher after weather delays,” he said.

DuPuis mentions quality and flavor are the M.O. of Divine Flavor’s company philosophy and they praise their partners who understand this responsibility. He says one of their main focuses is on healthy soils and plants, which is the foundation to producing high-quality and flavorful produce, but it’s also to help them rebound faster when unfavorable weather is an issue.

“Each of our farms in Mexico play an integral role to our year-round programs, but there’s something very special about our farms in Sinaloa,” said DuPuis.

DuPuis adds all their growers throughout Mexico are generational family farmers who’ve been producing for more than 20 years. In the case of Campaña Agricultores, they have been in business for nearly 30 years and Hortifresh, slightly more. Both growers have been with Divine Flavor since the company was founded in 2007.

“West Mexico is such an important part to the produce industry and for North American markets this time of the year, and having experienced, family operated, and like-minded growers such as our own is a tremendous upside for our company. They are the heart to our brand.”

Divine Flavor’s west Mexico program started late last year and will run from now until the middle of May where it connects with its Baja and central Mexico programs. The company produces greenhouse/hot house bell peppers, mini peppers, tomatoes (grape, beefsteak, Roma) and several varieties of cucumbers (European, Persian, and slicer), both conventional and organic.

For more information, please contact:
Michael DuPuis
Public Relations Coordinator
+1 (520)-281-8328