Fresh Plaza: “Patrick Cortes joins Divine Flavor” (4/27/2023)

Nogales-based produce distributor and grower, Divine Flavor, announced it has added Patrick Cortes to the company’s development and strategic team

Q&A with Lois Christie

Q&A with Lois Christie Lois Christie is an organic consultant with over 15 years’ experience, which 9 of those years has been with Divine Flavor. Lois has been working in the agriculture business since 1989 and was one of the first organic farmers in Mexico at that time. Lois currently resides in San Diego, California […]

Let’s talk about grapes

Let’s talk about Grapes Divine Flavor’s growers leave our handpicked seedless grapes on the vine longer, ensuring consumers experience the highest quality possible. Our wonderful varieties are long time consumer favorites for their bright color, fruity aroma, and consistent rich flavor. Our varieties are great for snacking or healthy desserts, or to enhance the flavor […]

Let’s talk about Melons

The Cantaloupe Melon is mainly consumed as a dried fruit on salads and desserts. It is a fruit that grows fast (between 85 to 95 days) rounded and can weight around 700 and 1200 grams. It has a fine skin and an orange sweet pulp. Product: MelonVarieties: CantaloupeGrowing Method: Conventional & OrganicSeason: April – May / October – December.Growing […]

Let’s talk about Peaches

Throughout the United States, our customers await the months of April and May to enjoy the memorable, sweet and juicy flavor of Alta’s peaches grown in the Hermosillo, Sonora area in two exclusive yet delicious varieties: Tropic Beauty and Alta Kirsty. Our peaches are carefully selected and place packed to provide our customers with an […]