Ensenada, Baja California- There’s no secret when it comes to organic greenhouse tomatoes. They are always grown to perfection. Over the years, Divine Flavor tomato growers- Viva Organica, Grupo Alta, and Agricola Chaparral/Tombell/Villa Santiago have all integrated innovative methods into their growing processes, taking the science of agriculture to higher levels. State of the art greenhouses and hot-house technology have paved the way for growing produce in the most sustainable fashion resulting in excellent quality, size, and color for the Divine Flavor tomato lineup.

At each of the farms, drip irrigation has allowed to grow more preciously which prevents elements such as water to be overused during the growing process. Each plant of tomatoes are carefully grown and are fully equipped with hydroponic systems which have nutritious organic soils placed in each pot plant. This process, along with controlled climates of the greenhouse, allow tomatoes to mature in the most optimal conditions.

Over the past several seasons, the Magnifico grape tomatoes have been the talk of the town. This variety is considered the perfect snacking size, all packed with an incredibly balanced sweet and acidic ratio.

The Magnifico grape tomato was carefully bred over the years with the intention of being very sweet, but still having the traits of a classic tomato. With the goal of growing a product with unique flavor that could be produced organically year-round, the Magnifico grape tomato has done just that, being a highly sustainable, Non-GMO Divine Flavor product.

The Magnifico grape tomato is currently being produced in Ensenada, Baja California at Divine Flavor’s Viva Organic location.


As the name suggest, Tomato on the Vine (TOV) are left attached to the vine to absorb and soak in those last amounts of nutrients after the product has been picked. TOVs have become such a popular commodity because of its rich, juicy sweet flavor making them a must-have in any tomato lover’s kitchen. These red balls of flavor can be used to cook pretty much anything from soups to home-made salsas and much more.

The TOV is considered an exclusive and limited item with Divine Flavor due to greenhouse space availability, but over the past several seasons, more space is being dedicated to growing these special treats. The best part yet, Divine Flavor TOVs are Fairtrade certified and a certain percentage of the sale is given back to the farm workers, which ultimately helps promote a more sustainable industry.

Tomatoes on the Vine are currently being grown in Ensenada, Mexico at the Divine Flavor Greenhouses of Viva Organica.


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