GRUPO ALTA hosts social event for farm workers in preparation of Jalisco grape season

Don Mario, Jalisco, Mexico – Grupo Alta, the principal grower and agricultural leader of Divine Flavor, proudly hosted La Escuela de Asociados, a two-day social event for all its farm workers in preparation for the upcoming season at their Don Mario vineyard in Jalisco, a location strategic for company’s grape program in the spring.

La Escuela de Asociados, which means the School of Associates in Spanish, is a key component of Grupo Alta’s recruitment process when new workers from the southern states of Mexico migrate north for employment.

The event serves as part of the inaugural process of welcoming new associates once they arrive at the company and it is geared towards the firm’s commitment to support and empower its current and new farm workers before the start of the new season. The intensive workshop covered crucial topics such as worker rights, on-site amenities encompassing medical, dental, and psychological care, payment and tax regulations, and other important guidelines to ensure worker awareness and compliance.

“La Escuela de Asociados is dedicated to empowering our new associates with a comprehensive understanding of the abundant resources and amenities provided by the company,” stated Alan Aguirre, President and CEO of Grupo Alta.

“As a pioneering force in our industry, we recognize that our success hinges upon the talented individuals who make up our organization. The School of Associates serves as a launchpad for cultivating a culture of passion, dedication, and nurturing future leaders for our company.”

Focusing on fostering a motivated and cohesive workforce, the second day of the event showcased inspirational speakers who shared invaluable insights on leadership and teamwork skills. Engaging workshops promoting team building and employee bonding were also conducted, along with an award ceremony for the recognition of employees who demonstrated exceptional loyalty and passion throughout the previous year.

“We recognize that our most valuable resource is our workforce,” stated Aguirre. “We are committed to investing in social responsibility by providing comprehensive training and support to all our collaborators, enabling them to perform better at their jobs, giving them the tools needed to succeed, and giving them a better quality of life during their time at the company and beyond. La Escuela de Asociados is a testament to this commitment and the foundation to supply Divine Flavor and its customers with the best quality fruits and vegetables.”

La Escuela de Asociados was first introduced in 2019 and is now organized biannually in Grupo Alta’s main locations of Sonora and Jalisco. The company firmly believes that these events contribute to enhanced employee retention, nurturing effective leaders within the organization, and fostering improved working conditions, thereby facilitating higher performance and an enhanced quality of life for its employees.

The Don Mario location, going on its 6th year, is Grupo Alta’s latest investment which incorporates the latest agricultural innovation and grape-growing techniques from around the world. The operation, which operates in a sub-tropical, micro-climate part of Jalisco, produced more than one million boxes of grapes in 2023, and through strategic partnerships with expert grape breeders such as Sun World International and Bloom Fresh, the company anticipates growth and producing more exclusive and premium grape varieties for the industry.

Looking ahead to the Don Mario Season

As the upcoming grape season at Grupo Alta’s Don Mario approaches, Carlos Bon, Senior Vice President of Sales at Divine Flavor, is optimistic and believes that the Don Mario vineyard is on the cusp of a mature and prosperous season.

“We are tremendously eager to begin our Jalisco grape program this year,” stated Bon. “The farm has evolved significantly during the past seasons, and we expect the quality and flavor of the grapes to be the best since we started producing at this location. Our experienced teams have gained valuable knowledge in successfully managing a grape operation there and producing at a standard we’re known for.”

Strategically positioned to bridge the gap between the Peruvian and Chilean seasons ending and the traditional Mexico season beginning, Don Mario is poised to cater to the demand for high-flavored quality grapes for key Divine Flavor retailers.

Bon emphasized the importance of Don Mario in meeting customers’ needs for exceptional fruit.

”Don Mario is our solution to helping our retail partners grow the grape category further and keep their shelves stocked with fruit at important times of the year,” said Bon. “We aim to supply key retailers with precisely the right grapes at the right time when exceptional quality grapes are hard to come by.”

With the Don Mario season setting in motion this April, Divine Flavor is excited to embark on this fruitful journey and continue with its commitment to delivering exceptional produce to its customers.

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