The Divine Flavor International Partners

Over the past several seasons, Divine Flavor has been expanding its growing territories in certain regions of Peru and Chile to lengthen the table grape program into more months of the year. In doing so, the company has acquired excellent growers who specialize in production of high-quality, high-flavored table grapes. Divine Flavor is proud to introduce to its already outstanding group of A-list growers, Ecosac, Agricola Don Ricardo, and Santa Elena. Let’s meet and welcome the South American partners of Divine Flavor!


Being based in Sechura desert, which is located in the north of Peru, Ecosac started out as a shrimp producer back in the early 2000’s. In 2004, the company produced its first crop of table grapes. Today, Ecosac has become of biggest growers of the region and for the country, specializing in high-quality table grapes, along with several varieties of peppers, mango and avocado.

“Working with a company such as Divine Flavor is an excellent alliance. This allows us and other growers to be seen as a grower and have more access to the market place.”

“The 6 Pillar philosophy is why we’re here and it is a big contributor to our company’s success. The pillars are not isolated and they all go together.”

“In the short time working together, our companies have already accomplished a lot. We have established a great commercial relationship. It has a very human touch to it and doesn’t feel like a typical grower/distributor situation. It feels like a family. We’re working with more volume and more customers.”

“For our company, we highly value these three principles: Trust (the workers, clients, and all collaborators), Loyalty, and communication.”

“Meeting in person with the DF team allows our teams to know each other better, which strengthens the business relationship. It makes the teams here feel involved and this adds value to their position on to the company.”

Agrícola Don Ricardo

A company built on the motto: Grow the best, Agricola Don Ricardo (ADR) is located in the Ica Valley in the central region of Peru. ADR was founded in 1995, which started with table grapes and avocados. The company produces more than 900 hectares of grapes which are exported to markets all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, parts of Asia and Europe. 

“The partnership with Divine Flavor is very interesting because we’re getting to join forces with other top growers from different origins/regions. All of which share the same objectives (mission and philosophy) – Grow high-quality, have the best customers, and lobbing a business that is sustainable while caring about its internal social programs. The alliance strengthens our ability in the market for the long-term.”

“Having a 6 pillar structure like Divine and our company is important. Those values define the decisions you take as a company and this gives you a clear path to accomplish your objectives.”

“Together, our partnership allows us to differentiate ourselves against the competition and add value to the customers we are working with. Our goal is to gain better share of the programs with the clients.”

“ADR prides itself on high-quality, great customer service, and being environmentally and socially responsible.”

“To be success in this business, you need to have a clear, long-term strategy. You need to be sufficient with your time and investments, continuously improving your efforts as a company.”

Santa Elena

Exportadora Santa Elena is primarily located in Santiago, Chile, but have ranches all throughout the country. The company is focused on 3 key principles when it comes to their grape growing process- Passion, Dedication, and Compromise are the elements for producing the best quality grapes for their final customers. Santa Elena specializes in exclusive varieties, some of which include the Muscat Beauty, Sable Seedless, and the newly planted hectors of Autumn Crisp.

“Working with Divine Flavor, we are creating a stronger program with the retailer and final consumer. With DFI (Divine Flavor International), we are creating opportunities and opening doors that are sometimes hard to open. Between Mexico, Peru, and Chile, we are offering a unique program the customers really appreciate.”

“As a company, we agree with the values of the 6 pillars. For us, this is a way to make long-term relationships with the customers because it lets them know we comply with all the requirements. We want our customers to know their great-eating quality fruit comes with all the certifications, while keeping in mind other important areas related to social responsibility and sustainability.”

“The requirements of the industry and government have a wide diameter. Working with our teams and Divine Flavor help everyone do a better job complying with the requirements. Being transparent with our customers and Divine Flavor allows us to accomplish our goals.”

“To be successful at Santa Elena, you need to have passion, dedication, and be compromising. Passion for the amount of details that go into growing. Dedication because growing grapes requires a great commitment. There’s a lot of work in such a small window. If you do only what is required, the results will be average. You must go beyond your responsibility. Be compromising so the final consumer can experience the best eating experience.

For more information, please contact:
Michael DuPuis
Public Relations Coordinator
+1 (520)-281-8328