Did you know all of Divine Flavor’s fruits and vegetables are Non-GMO certified?

Starting back in 2018, all of Divine Flavor’s fruits & vegetables (your fruits and veggies) have been certified as Non-GMO products. As part of its mission- growing ‘Better food for a better world’, Divine Flavor decided to undergo the project regiment so consumers could see the company’s compliance towards its non-bioengineered produce they have been already growing for more than a decade.

As consumers are seeking more transparency and healthier options when it comes to their food, having certifications with companies like the Non-GMO Project and California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) for organic compliant products, has become increasingly important. Transparency for consumers means knowing and recognizing the ingredients that go into their product. In this case, the Non-GMO seal that’s marked on the packaging lets customers know their fruits and vegetables were grown the way they intend it to be- without genetic modifications.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms which their genetic materials have been modified in controlled labs through genetic engineering. Most GMOs have been engineered to withstand the applications of herbicides and insecticides. In labs, these living organisms have been artificially manipulated in a way that can’t occur naturally.

Weren't all fruits and vegetables genetically modified at some point?

No. GMOs are distinct from crops that have been bred using traditional crossbreeding techniques vs. a crop that has been manipulated through genetic engineering or biotechnology. Per the non-GMO standards, and regardless of whether the product contains foreign DNA, any process nucleic acid is engineered in a laboratory is genetic engineering, which results in a GMO.

What's the difference between Non-GMO Project Verified and Organic?

Organic certifications are run directly by the government in Canada and the United States. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency operates the Canada Organic Regime, and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service operates the National Organic Program. These government programs set rules for how animals are raised, how crops are grown, and how pests are treated. The U.S. has a list of prohibited substances; Canada has a list of permitted substances. Neither program allows synthetic pesticides or growth hormones. These programs do not allow GMOs either, but they also do not require ongoing testing for them.

The Non-GMO Project is an independent, non-profit organization with one mission: preserving and building sources of Non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified Non-GMO choices. As a single-issue organization, the Non-GMO Project only evaluates products for GMO avoidance.

Why is the Non-GMO Project important to Divine Flavor?

As a food provider, it is important to grow and distribute the best food that contributes to our customer’s well being and health, both physically and consciously. It is our responsibility to supply produce our customers trust, and the Non-GMO Project seal is one of those marks to let them know their product was grown the way it nature intended it to be.

What products are certified Non-GMO at Divine Flavor?

All of our products are grown and certified under the Non-GMO Project standard. This includes both our conventional and organic product lines. Table Grapes, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons, and much more. Check out our Non-GMO certified products below.

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