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Divine Flavor Partners with the American Institute for Cancer Research

All of us at Divine Flavor are super excited to announce our partnership with the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR). Earlier this week, we launched a campaign aimed towards spreading awareness to consumers of how table grapes can be part of a plant based diet that reduces cancer risk. As we are one of the largest importers of organic table grapes for the US during the Sonoran grape deal, Divine Flavor, alongside AICR, wanted to further advocate to consumers the health benefits of table grape and recommend how to incorporate more grapes into everyday meals.

Table grapes are extremely versatile fruits which greatly contribute to a cancer protective diet. Besides being sweet and delicious, grapes contain so many health benefits such as powerful antioxidants like polyphenols and resveratrol. This was a main reason Divine Flavor wanted to partner with the American Institute for Cancer Research because of how their vision coincides with our mission of educating consumers about healthy foods.

Through AICR and registered dietitian nutritionist, Liz Weiss at Liz’s Healthy Table, we were able to get very creative with some of our high-flavored varieties such as Jellyberries™, Gummberries™, and our famous Cotton Candy™ and prepare some very delicious recipes consumers could use and be excited about.

Over three decades, AICR-funded research has helped move the needle on understanding the link between lifestyle and cancer. AICR has contributed more than $110 million to support hundreds of studies conducted at universities, hospitals and research centers across North, South and Central America.

“AICR wants to raise awareness about the link between cancer risk and lifestyle choices, and eating a healthy, plant-based diet is one of those factors that people can control," says Jodi Street, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at the American Institute for Cancer Research, "We are grateful for our partnership with Divine Flavor to help us promote healthy eating through this campaign.”

As mentioned on the company’s webpage, consumers should follow AICR’s 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations to reduce their overall cancer risk and have a healthy survivorship during and after cancer treatment. It is also mentions studies have shown grapes to play a significant role in cancer prevention.

As a supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, Divine Flavor is proud to offer not only high-quality and delicious products for our customers, but also products which contribute to their overall well-being, which are produced organically, sustainable, and non-GMO.

Divine Flavor is currently in the middle of their table grape season which is expected to run into the first weeks of July. The company specializes in over 20 commercial varieties.

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