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At all of the Divine Flavor facilities, we believe sustainable practices are the source of longevity in the produce industry. Treating the land and people with respect contribute to growing the best results with our Non-GMO produced fruits and veggies. Being a licensed importer of Fair Trade USA products and an avid grower of organic produce, these sustainable methods are both significant factors to grow “Better Food for a Better World.”

Drip Irrigation

This method helps promote water conservation at the facility. Using the precise amount and never over-watering.

Solar Panels

Creating energy to be used is a smart way of reducing fossil fuels and being sustainable.


Taking responsibility for the materials used at the farms is a major contribution to preserving our environments.

Organic Fertilization & Production

Making our own nutrient-based, organic compost is the best way to protect the soils we grow in.

Natural Pesticides

As a believer in growing more organic, using natural repellants such as beneficial insects is a great strategy for not using harmful insecticides or pesticides.

Protecting the environments we grow in

Farming can account for a lot of land. Giving back to that land and creating green areas help promote biodiversity.

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Public Relations Coordinator, Divine Flavor, LLC
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