Product Spotlight – Summer Organics

Nothing says freshness more like our summer line-up of organic tomatoes, cucumbers, mini peppers, and squash. In the summertime, our Baja California farms are flourishing with organic greenhouse fruits and vegetables. At Divine Flavor, our greenhouses produce some of the best tasting products due to the excellent weather and our commitment to innovation within our installations. In the past few years, we have been investing with each of our grower locations to instill some of the most modern agricultural methods into our operations such as newly designed greenhouses, drip irrigation and fully hydroponic stations for each plant, and state of the art packinghouses which allow for better quality control. One of the most rewarding aspects to our modern facilities is the ability to produce organically.

Having top-of-the-line greenhouses has its many benefits as it allows us to better control the environment and weather, but more importantly, it permits a level of protection to producing organically since it limits the presence of insects or other unwanted variables near the produce. One of our key components to successfully growing delicious and high-quality product has been to cultivate organically. It is no secret that producing organically allows for healthier soils and stronger plants. When the plants and soils are cared for, the results are higher quality products. All of this needs to be managed by a team of passionate farm experts. Thanks to them, we produce some of the best tasting commodities which meet the standards to be a Divine Flavor product.

Juicy, sweet, and backed by quality. Our organic tomatoes are some of the most flavorful products we have at Divine Flavor. Each of our varieties such as our grape tomatoes, tomato-on-the-vine-, and roma tomatoes are all grown organically and all produced in a manner to leave customers with a wonderful eating fruit.

Sweet Mini Peppers are the little sibling of our bell peppers. Very similar in flavor, but this produce item is grown and packed to offer consumers options when it comes to preparing them. They are just so easy to work with. Divine Flavor’s sweet mini peppers are an excellent snacking commodity and the recipes you can create with them reflect this. Produced with the same expertise and passion of the bell peppers, these little finger peppers are a prime example of innovative flavor in the produce industry.

Zucchini is commonly referred to as summer squash. The zucchini is a long, cylindrical vegetable, slightly smaller at the stem end, usually dark green in color. The flesh is a pale greenish-white and has a delicate, almost sweet flavor. Summer squash has a thin, soft skin and soft edible seeds, whereas their counterpart, winter squash, has a hard skin.

More formally known as Yellow Straightneck, this squash has a thin glossy skin that can vary from a light butter yellow to a bright lemon yellow, pebbled with bumps or smooth, encasing a paler yellow or white flesh. For best flavor and texture, the squash are harvested when they are five to six inches in length or less. It offers a classic summer squash flavor:  mild with nuances of black pepper and nuts and a slightly buttery flavor when cooked.




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