AndNowYouKnow!: “Divine Flavor Brings Spring Melon Deal; Elizabeth Smart and Alejo Bay Comment” (5/2/2023)

Spring is officially in the air, and we here at the ANUK office agreed melons definitely have to be on the table. Watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydew, you name it, consumers want it, and Divine Flavor is ready to meet those demands as the grower and shipper will be in full swing with its melon program for the next 50 days


ANYK!: “Divine Flavor Highlights Centralized Packing Structure; Carlos Bon Shares” (6/11/2022)

NOGALES, AZ – As your business grows, your priorities change. And, as the market shifts, diverse opportunities reveal themselves. Divine Flavor has hit its stride with an innovative packing strategy, and the success isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The supplier and its parent company, Grupo ALTA, have been converting their operations to centralized packing facilities, allowing them to pack multiple presentations for various clients at the same time.

Bell Peppers and Sweet Mini Peppers- Producing Excellence

Bell Peppers and Sweet Mini Peppers- Producing Excellence March is a magical time when it comes to producing veggies out of West Mexico, especially for Divine Flavor’s pepper category coming out of Sinaloa. The sunshine looms over the lands and the bell pepper farms soak up the key elements they need to produce the excellent […]

Achieving Excellent Quality for Table Grapes is key to the Eating Experience

ACHIEVING EXCELLENT QUALITY FOR TABLE GRAPES IS KEY TO THE EATING EXPERIENCE Q&A WITH DIVINE FLAVOR INTERNATIONAL PARTNER, SANTA ELENA Nogales, Arizona- Now that we’re more than a month into 2021, grape lovers can expect seeing Chilean table grapes hitting North American markets with exceptional quality and much better volumes from the year before as […]

Divine Flavor Sweet Mini Peppers: The perfect snacking commodity

Divine Flavor Sweet Mini Peppers – The perfect snacking commodity What makes these small, bite-sized peppers so fun to cook with? For starters, their bright and vibrant red, yellow, and orange tones bring so much color to the kitchen, but most fans of these little peppers love the endless amount of recipes they are able […]

Greenhouse Tomatoes: Sustainable, Organic, and Unique, Delicious Flavor.

Ensenada, Baja California- There’s no secret when it comes to organic greenhouse tomatoes. They are always grown to perfection. Over the years, Divine Flavor tomato growers- Viva Organica, Grupo Alta, and Agricola Chaparral/Tombell/Villa Santiago have all integrated innovative methods into their growing processes, taking the science of agriculture to higher levels. State of the art […]

Product Spotlight: Summer Products

Summer has arrived and at Divine Flavor it marks a special time in the year as warm weather means more pool parties, more barbecues and more time in the company of family and friends. During this time of year, you can find your favorite products such as: squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, mini peppers, and, the favorite […]

Sustainability is now

At all of the Divine Flavor facilities, we believe sustainable practices are the source of longevity in the produce industry. Treating the land and people with respect contribute to growing the best results with our Non-GMO produced fruits and veggies. Being a licensed importer of Fair Trade USA products and an avid grower of organic […]

Product Spotlight: It’s Grapes Season

PROTECTING THE HEART Table grapes have incredible benefits for protecting the heart. Intake of Black grapes protect against metabolic syndrome- related organ damage which cause increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and excess body fat related to heart disease. COMBATING ALL KINDS OF CANCER Grapes also exhibit anti-mutagenic and antioxidant properties that are very effective […]